Async Execution

It is possible to invoke a function through its HTTPS Endpoint without having to wait for a response. To do this, simply add the "?_blocking=false" parameter to the URL:

👍 Particle Webhooks

It is a good idea to use async execution when sending data to an UbiFunction from external platforms like or LoRaWAN Network Servers. This prevents failed or timed-out requests, which could affect server rating.

For instance, Particle skips webhook attempts when too many time-outs or 4xx / 5xx HTTP status codes occur, which could translate into data loss for your IoT application. Learn more about Particle's API Limits and Policy.


URL Parameter




Not specified, or "False":

  • Not specified: By default the function will return a response only after finalizing the execution.

  • False: The function will immediately return a "202 Accepted" response, with a JSON body including the activationID of the function.


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