Use dropdown lists in Custom UI Widget

Input combo type dropdown.list

Displays a drop-down menu that allows selecting a single option.

Usage example

        label="Select a variable"
        description="Select a common variable from all devices"
        placeholder='Choose an option'
            <item id='temperature'>Temperature</item>
	    <item id='humidity'>Humidity</item>
	    <item id='iluminance'>Iluminance</item>
	    <item id='magnetic_flux'>Magnetic flux</item>



  • id: Unique identifier to access this field's data

  • label: Header text

  • description: Short descriptive text

  • placeholder: Placeholder value

  • shape: Used to align the label and the input field. Its allowed values are

    • compactVertical

    • wideVertical

    • wideHorizontal

Option's properties

item: Option's value

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