Displays headings/paragraphs depending on the type of property.

This element allows for the easy application of different text styles. Below are the details of each type of paragraph style available:

Paragraph typeDescription


Displays standard text without any special formatting.


Displays text in bold style.

h1, h2, h3, h4

Displays the corresponding heading.

Paragraph type normal

Displays a paragraph similar to the HTML <p> tag.

Paragraph type bold

Displays bold text, similar to the HTML <b> or <strong> tags.

Paragraph type h1 to h4

Displays heading text according to the heading set. Similar to the HTML <h1> to <h4> tags.


The following XML maps to the screenshot displayed at the begining of this section

    <paragraph type="normal">NORMAL</paragraph>
    <paragraph type="bold">BOLD</paragraph>
    <paragraph type="h1">H1</paragraph>
    <paragraph type="h2">H2</paragraph>
    <paragraph type="h3">H3</paragraph>
    <paragraph type="h4">H4</paragraph>

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