Numeric with buttons

Use numeric input fields featuring buttons within Custom UI Widget

Input combo type number.buttons

Displays an input field that only accepts numbers. Additionally, it features a pair of buttons that can be used to increment/decrease the current number in the field. The decimal mark is dot (.).

Usage example

        label="Variable value button using"
        description="Set the value that you want to send using buttons"
        placeholder="Enter the value that you want to send"
        step = "2"
        value = "48"


These properties are shared across input combo type number and input combo type number.buttons:

  • id: Unique identifier to access this field's data

  • label: Header text

  • description: Short descriptive text

  • placeholder: Placeholder value

  • shape: Used to align the label and the input field. Its allowed values are

    • compactVertical

    • wideVertical

    • wideHorizontal

  • min: Minimum number accepted

  • max: Max number accepted

  • step: Step when increasing or decreasing the number using the buttons.

  • value: Sets a default value. Albeit it's a number, the property's value must be set as a string (value="48")

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