Multiple selection dropdown

Use multiple selection dropdown list in Custom UI Widget

Input combo type dropdown.checkbox

Displays a drop-down menu that allows selecting multiple options.

Usage example

        label="Select multiple options"
        description="Select multiple devices to send data"
        placeholder='Choose multiple options'
            <item id='dev_1'>device 1</item>
            <item id='dev_2'>device 2</item>
            <item id='dev_3'>device 3</item>
            <item id='dev_4'>device 4</item>


  • id: Unique identifier to access this field's data

  • label: Header text

  • description: Short descriptive text

  • placeholder: Placeholder value

  • shape: Used to align the label and the input field. Its allowed values are

    • compactVertical

    • wideVertical

    • wideHorizontal

  • value: Sets default values from the defined menu items. These values must be the id of at least one of the defined menu options, otherwise the behavior will be as if no default value were set and the placeholder will be displayed instead. To set multiple default values, use the format: dev_1,dev_2 (options separated by comma without spaces)

Option's properties

id: Unique identifier to access the selection's value.

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