Business FAQs

Can you provide the hardware for my project?

We are a hardware-agnostic cloud, and do not sell any hardware.

We do work with hardware companies as partners in order to test how their hardware integrates with our cloud, but this does not imply a distribution partnership.

Since our customers are mostly System Integration companies or Entrepreneurs who design, manufacture, and/or distribute hardware themselves, we like to respect the channel and don't compete with them by offering hardware, or off-the-shelf IoT solutions.

Do you provide Integration Services?

Ubidots does not provide System Integration services. In most cases, our licenses enable projects that are deployed by either a specialized SI (System Integrator), or a customer with internal integration capabilities.

However, if your project requires Professional Services other than hardware integration, then the Ubidots team - together with an Ubidots Enterprise license - might be a good fit.

Here some areas where our team can help:

  • Integration of 3rd-party APIs and databases with Ubidots.

  • Integration with your Security Provider, for Single Sign On (SSO) purposes.

  • Integration of Ubidots dashboards or widgets into your Web or Mobile application.

  • Development of key features to enable your use case.

I would like to become a Distributor

By default, our business model is to enable beautiful IoT dashboards, but you can take all the credit!

This means that, in most cases, there's no need to become an Ubidots Distributor in order to use our tools and serve clients in your geography.

This diagram better explains how to use our platform, under a white-label model:

This approach is quite powerful because it enables you to offer a platform as if it were your own. Such offering, together with your value added services, allows you to determine your own mark up based on the particularities of your market and region. Such mark up is usually bigger than a distributor discount.

If the above model still doesn't work for you, a distribution agreement makes sense when at least one of the following is true:

  • The partner needs to act as an official Ubidots distributor in front of their clients. This is the case for some public tender opportunities.

  • The partner wishes to transfer all the admin capabilities of an Ubidots account to the end customer.

  • The partner realizes value-added services that are not bundled into an Ubidots license (i.e. Consulting companies), so it is not in his interest to bundle the cost of the platform into an entire solution.

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