Class's methods


Ubidots class's can be invoked directly from the class's instance, instead of having to register a callback for a particular event as in Ubidots custom events case.


After declaring an instance of the Ubidots class as:

var ubidots = new Ubidots();

You can invoke any of such methods as:



  • Ubidots: is the constructor of the Ubidots class

  • ubidots: is an instance of the Ubidots class

  • method: is any of the following methods available on Ubidots.

  • args: The method arguments

Available methods:

MethodArgumentsDescriptionUsage exampleResponse example


no arguments

returns a JSON object with the request headers with which an event was executed

{ "Content-Type": "application/json", "X-Auth-Token": "BBFF-xxyyzz" }

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